Whatever may have led to the video of the man arrested in Sainsburys for not wearing a mask, it had at least 160,000 views on You Tube.

Many of these will have been local people and though opinion may be divided, many will feel that it was not handled well and does not put West Mercia police in a good light.

I feel that given the relatively few people in Hereford who have exempted themselves from wearing masks, this was unnecessary and heavy handed.

The government guidance is quite clear and no doubt offers an accurate interpretation of the law.

Though the gentleman could have given his particulars, I am not sure that he could have felt confident of fair treatment given the apparent uncertainties displayed by the enforcers.

I believe that this was precisely the kind of scene the government wished to avoid when it drafted the guidance, which gives those who feel wearing a face covering is likely to adversely affect their health. No one should be forced to do something to harm themselves.

Simon Stokes


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