This coalition administration made of independent green and It’s Our County councillors is hell bent on stopping a western bypass being built.

The previous council leaders had got the bypass all set up to start which was a great accomplishment, achieved with a lot of hard work, the people living in the county and beyond having suffered the stress of having to drive their cars bumper to bumper into Hereford city for many years.

Whatever alterations the council makes in the city to roads, cycle lanes, footpaths, or a new bypass down at Rotherwas, will not benefit these people.

When our Prime Minister Boris Johnson visited Hereford, he stated that a bypass would make life easier and better.

With the English weather so cold and wet, cars will always be used and are the only means of transport for many families travelling long distances.

A western bypass would also stop these big transport vehicles passing through the city, which I see increasing daily.

It would also stop the city falling further into deterioration.

Wes Havard


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