We live on the banks of the Lugg just outside Leominster, so downstream from Kingsland.

Last winter our land was flooded but not the house.

When we wished to build an extension we were not even allowed to apply for planning permission until we had an environmental survey carried out.

The building was put up with a floor level 600 millimetres above ground level to avoid flooding, but we were not allowed to replace the ancient septic tank with a modern bio-digester as this might add phosphates to the river.


We have also planted 1,500 trees and hedging plants to help with water absorption.

I think it is pretty well established that dredging and straightening rivers only moves your flooding problems downriver onto others, and the correct action is to increase the meanders of the river and plant more trees on the banks to absorb run-off.

Look at the work of landscape architect Kim Wilkie in Winchester.

So, thank you from myself and local wildlife to Kingsland Parish Council and farmer Price.

I agree with Monty Don that ignorance and arrogance are the order of the day.

Michael Guy

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