A HEREFORD firm says it needs a new building because its success has led to it outgrowing its current site in Rotherwas.

Family-run Central Engineering has asked Herefordshire Council if it can build a new high-tech manufacturing building with offices in Festival Way, in Skylon Park.

The 35-year-old company has won a number of “substantial contracts with multi-national and international companies due to their technical and consistent quality and delivery”, a planning document said.

It added the firm works for aerospace, agricultural and renewable energy sectors, but also Formula One teams.

“Their existing premises at Tarsmill Court in Rotherwas is now too small with no space to install any new machinery to further broaden the capabilities,” plans said.

“The existing factory layout is also inefficient which is limiting the capacity of the business and ability to further grow and improve productivity and turnover.”

Central Engineering, which employs 12 full-time workers with the plan to increase that to 20 should the expansion go ahead, wants to build the new 1,166 square-metre factory next to the Clean My business.

Plans show the building, if approved, will have walls clad with a combination of vertical and horizontal composite panels, with a powder coated finish.

Consultation on application 203996 ends on December 19.