KINGSLAND Parish Council says it was first informed of works on River Lugg on November 24.

The parish council has issued a statement regarding the meetings it had with the Environment Agency regarding flooding in the area.

“The parish council approached the Environment Agency in early summer 2020 to enquire about the maintenance of the River Lugg, and to request the removal of a large ash tree in the river by the bridge at Lugg Green,” the statement reads.

“In July 2020, the parish council invited the Environment Agency to attend the September 2020 meeting of the parish council and requested that a parish councillor join a ‘walk over’ planned by the Environment Agency to review outstanding maintenance issues.

“The ‘walk over’ took place at the end of September 2020 and the Environment Agency sent the parish council a short report highlighting various issues that had been identified.

“In October 2020, at a meeting attended by the Environment Agency, the parish council considered the report on the walk over and agreed to look at setting up a flood group.

“At the next meeting of the parish council on November 24, 2020 discussion took place on setting up a flood group.

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“The parish council was first informed that work had been undertaken to the banks of the River Lugg at their meeting on November 24, 2020 which was also attended by a representative from the Environment Agency.

“Reports of further work were brought to the attention of the parish council on 3 December 2020 and on the morning of 4 December, 2020, the parish council contacted the Environment Agency who said they were looking into the work carried out by the riparian landowner.

“The parish council is committed to providing such assistance and information as may be required to support the Environment Agency in their investigation.”