With regards to the wanton destruction of 1.5 miles of the river Lugg this appears to be the typical arrogance and immunity with which local affluent landowners/farmers in Hereford regard the environment as an inconsequential inconvenience, that can be altered, ignored or amended to suite their own ends. 

Wildlife and environment being a mere inconvenience; be it with regard to planning permissions, allowing buildings to fall into disrepair, burning waste plastics from large bales. 

Similarly, footpath signs get damaged/uprooted, pathways blocked/closed, routes made impossible to follow. 

The neutered EA may have the legal powers but lacks, after 10 years of austerity and the heavy pruning of services in the name of efficiency (fewer staff, more work, limited resources), the staff and resources.

Having lived in Hereford for a few years there still appears to be a feudal system in this area where money rules to the exclusion of environment, community, honesty and respect for all.

The person/company behind ordering this destruction and those carrying it out, should be prosecuted, forced to pay for the full restoration of the affected area, as well as given the maximum criminal penalty that is carried by these offences



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