I was dismayed to read that factory farming in Herefordshire contributes to the destruction of the rain forests in Brazil (HT probe finds Brazilian link to chicken feed).

Toni Fagan, letters, December 3, has enlightened us further on the destruction of our environment in Herefordshire.

Now we have heard the bad news about destruction along the banks of the river Lugg.

What on earth can we do about it?

Crowd Justice UK have recently informed me that Herefordshire Council failed to undertake an assessment of the impact of new developments under the Habitats Regulations when granting planning permission for further agricultural buildings.

New government policy will support farming that safeguards the countryside and supports good food and animal welfare so why does Herefordshire Council continue to support yesterday's agricultural business models which have enabled intensive stock rearing to the detriment of precious natural assets?

We have farmers in Herefordshire who are already in the forefront of conservation so the best thing we can do is buy their products.

Ask your butcher for locally produced, grass fed beef, lamb, chicken and turkey.

Eat the best and less of it.

Or, most of the time, cut out the middle man - or the chicken in this case!

Eat soya and other beans, lentils and vegetable proteins: sausages, curry, pies and vegeburgers are all widely available in the shops.

So as Toni Fagan says, be part of the solution.

Let's stop Herefordshire from becoming infamous as the chicken factory of England.

Janette Ward

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