I take my life in my hands everyday travelling to Fownhope to tend to animals. It has now become treacherous!

The potholes on Terrace Hall Hill are horrendous!

The mud and erosion of the road sides all the way round are terrible and the road surface is just not up to the amount and size of traffic.

Why, oh why, Herefordshire Council is taking so long to sort this out... but it is probably going to get a lot of claims for damage to vehicles, or someone will be killed due to speed and terrible road conditions.

Friday afternoon, November 27, was foggy and wet and I met 37 vehicles, including an enormous lorry stuck with a skip lorry.

Very few cars had headlights on and the speed of some was just ridiculous.

We who have to travel the diversion are at serious risk.

Herefordshire Council is a joke – what are local councillors doing to move this repair forward? We voted for them and they do nothing.

Karen Howells
Holme Lacy

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