I despair with this council and how much money they can waste discussing the long needed bypasses.

Leominster, Ludlow and Ross-on-Wye have bypasses but not Hereford.

The planners have put just about everything one may need to get to on the A49 – start with Asda, the new cinema and shops, the theatre, Pizza Hut Retail Park, Holmer Road Retail Park, the leisure centre.

Other places such as the town centre, the cattle market, the football ground and the tip have to be accessed by using the A49.

The council suggest we use buses and other forms of transport. I am sure the bus driver will be very happy when I bring five bags of garden waste onto his bus!

Do the councillors think that the people in Hereford drive around just for the fun of it?

I only use my car as a necessity, e.g taking rubbish to the dump, bringing the week's shopping home, buying bulky items and more often than not I will do several things in one trip. 

A lot could be done very cheaply to reduce the congestion.

A pull-in for buses opposite Tesco on Belmont Road would reduce the backing up of traffic down the Belmont Road. I am sure this could be done elsewhere in the city to stop traffic backing up..

Syncing the traffic lights e.g. the three from Widemarsh Common to the leisure centre for starters to keep the outward traffic flowing.

The same could be done on the Belmont Road.

Why have a pedestrian crossing that stops traffic going up the Belmont Road from Greyfriars Bridge?

It should only be red when the Ross Road traffic is flowing. The lights down Edgar Street should be synced.

Looking at the map, six trunk roads and three A roads come into Hereford – this traffic alone is enough to cause a problem,

Do not blame the people of Hereford.

Has the council actually counted how many lorries come into Hereford from these roads?

Then throw in the holidaymakers with their campers and caravans not to mention people just travelling through. I am sure there must a reason for all the Premier Inns in and around Hereford.  

Throw into the mix all the farmers from south of the river going to the market on a Wednesday, no wonder we have gridlock.

The Welsh managed to get a massive EU grant to improve the A465 from Abergavenny to Merthyr.

While things were not great on the old road it never struck me as a major problem, not like Hereford.

The new road has lots of bridges cuttings and at one point it is five lanes wide.

Following the road to Hereford and it is reduced to one lane at the border! Sums it up I think!

M. England


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