The Herefordshire Transport Alliance welcomes the publication of the Hereford Transport Review which will soon be debated in Cabinet.

One of the most exciting conclusions of the Review is that measures to improve safe walking and cycling, especially around routes to school, and to encourage shared car use, are the cheapest of the six options under consideration.

They deliver the best value for money of all the options.

What's more, they have been singled out already in the Council's 2019 Hereford Transport Package, and much of the design work is underway.

Not only design work but significant funding has now become available. This totals £750,000 of Towns Fund accelerated finance. It will finally pay for the long-awaited cycle contraflow system in St Owen's Street. It will subsidise eBikes and eCargo schemes. It will be used to enhance the public realm of the City, and there will be more to come when the Stronger Towns Fund is accessed.

Electric buses are on their way, and that long-awaited Transport Hub. Why has it taken so long to do something about the shabby surroundings of the railway station?

Many of HTA's supporters are tired of the slow progress that has been made by the Council towards the provision of active travel measures, despite the overwhelming evidence that they are good for the environment and good for us.

HTA has been actively encouraging the simpler, greener, more cost-effective measures for many years, and is delighted with recent progress. We ask Cabinet to just get on with active travel measures now.

Carole Protherough

Chair, Herefordshire Transport Alliance

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