It’ll turn colder across the UK this week with wintry showers and snow forecast by the Met Office – but will it affect Herefordshire?

Cold polar maritime air will make its way across the UK today (Wednesday), introducing much lower temperatures nationwide and blustery showers across western areas.

The Met Office says it will be accompanied by frosts, hail and sleet, particularly from mid-week onwards.

Snow is expected to settle over higher ground in the northern half of the UK, which may cause travel difficulties for some.

At lower levels and further south, any snow is expected to be more transient in nature, meaning there could be some sleet.

The Met Office hasn't ruled out snow for Herefordshire on Friday as deputy chief meteorologist Dan Harris said there is potential for disruptive snow in other parts of England, but it will only become clear closer to the time.

He said: "It’ll remain cold and unsettled on Friday as low pressure brings strong winds and spells of rain to many parts of the UK.

"We’ve issued a snow warning for southern and eastern Scotland, with snow expected across hills and possibly to lower levels, before turning to persistent rain.

"We’re keeping an eye on other areas where there is potential for disruptive snow - in particular central and south-east England and the hills of northern England – however confidence at this stage is low with details only becoming clearer at short notice.”

He added: “It’ll stay cold into the weekend with rain, showers and hill snow continuing across many areas, along with overnight frosts.

"We could also see some stubborn areas of freezing fog develop more widely, which at this time of year can persist all day.

"However, it's not all doom and gloom, as there’s likely to be an increased chance of dry, bright, and perhaps even sunny weather on offer as the weekend progresses.”