I wish to respond to two letters “valid ticket” and “be prepared” respectively regarding parking charges at Queenswood; my wife having experienced a carbon copy incident to the writer of “valid ticket”.

We have two red Vauxhall Astra’s, one owned for about 10 years and the other purchased three months before her fateful trip out since lockdown to meet a friend at Queenswood.

In the excitement she inadvertently entered the registration of the older car having driven in the newer one.


Like the couple who received a demand for a potentially heavy fine, for my wife, it too came as a complete shock, having paid for a parking session correctly, which was witnessed!

Likewise, she faced a £100 fine but with an opportunity to appeal, which she promptly did.

She was advised by the parking company she would receive a decision in writing within 14 days but nothing appeared in that time period.

Some weeks later she received by post a very intimidating and threatening demand from a debt agency for £170.

It transpired that the parking company had in fact emailed us and not written (they broke their protocols) and this had gone straight to our “spam file”.

Eventually my wife was allowed to pay a £20 admin fee.

We, too, have no intention of visiting Queenswood again, and it will be the cafe and shop that will lose out until something is changed.

The parking company may be winning the battles but in the long term the businesses will lose the war!