GOVERNMENT documents have revealed why Herefordshire will face tier 2 restrictions when the lockdown ends next week.

A screenshot from the UK Parliament website of the page showing Health Secretary Matt Hancock's Covid-19 update statement has detailed the reasons of the decision.

The breakdown of the regional tiers published alongside Mr Hancock's statement contains a series of question marks alongside some of the areas listed.

LATEST UPDATES: Herefordshire coronavirus tier revealed

The document said that as Herefordshire had an infection rate of 160.3 cases per 100,000 people in a seven-day period, tier 1 restrictions wouldn't have been adequate.

But as the infection rate was falling, tier 3 wasn't appropriate either.

Hereford Times:

It was not immediately clear why the question marks were on the document.


But for Herefordshire, the document said: "Herefordshire has a high case rate at 160.3/100,000.

"These rates are too high for allocation to tier 1 but the slight downward trajectory - a fall of 1.9 per cent - does currently not warrant inclusion in tier 3."