A LOT has changed in 30 years and the world of hairdressing is no different.

Julia Thomas took over Headlines hair salon in Rainbow Street, Leominster in October 1990 and has enjoyed being a vibrant part of the town centre since.

Along with purchasing the hairdressers Julia also converted a sunbed room into a barber shop.

The 1990s saw women flock to the hairdressers keen to copy the styles of their popstar heroes including Britney Spears, Drew Barrymore and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Now Julia says that the tides have turned and its the men who spend longer in her adjoining barber shop.

"It used to be women would come in to get ready for a Friday night and came in less on other days in the week," said Julia

"Now they come in for lengthier treatments and usually they do their hair themselves at home.

"Now the men spend longer getting their hair done, it's incredible really. Hair styles used to be whatever was in fashion with the latest pop stars and the men used to want to look like Kevin Keegan or other footballers.

"Now Peaky Blinders (the television programme) is the big thing. The styles have changed more in the barber shop to be honest and male grooming has changed a lot.

"It's gone back to being probably more of a barber shop in town, male grooming has gone back to what men did in the 50s and 60s with wet shaves and whatever.

"Men definitely take more care with their grooming now.

"Women come in to have big jobs done such as colouring and do the rest at home. Men can be in every other week to have their hair touched up so it's totally changed.

"I have two teenage boys so I probably notice more than others."

While the Leominster high street has changed considerably in the last 30 years Julia says she is proud to play her part.

"Being still here after over 30 years is amazing," she added.

"The high street is totally different and people's shopping habits have changed along with their lifestyles.

"It used to be Fridays and Saturdays that were busiest as people spruced up for the weekend and my barbers shop which was always a Saturday.

"Now people work different shifts so the trends are different. I'm very proud to be part of the Leominster traders.

"I'm Leominster through and through. There are other shops that have changed hands during my 30 years but not many in town are still ran by the same person."