The creators of a unique brand of crisps, dedicated to Herefordshire flavours, are the latest backers of our Three Counties Farming Awards.

Two Farmers Crisps was an idea born over a pint and, appropriately, a packet of crisps in a conversation between Sean Mason and Mark Green.

"We had the potatoes, we had the premises, we had renewable energy and we shared a love of Herefordshire," said Sean.They join a long list of celebrities who will be popping in to the live broadcast of the winners ceremony on the Hereford Times Facebook page on November 26.

The show is hosted by BBC Countryfile presenter Adam Henson and there's a special appearance from NFU President Minette Batters.

The duo hit the as they introduced the first fully compostable crisp packet. "Put it in the compost heap and it will have vanished in six months."

The Two Farmers have since added another distinctively Herefordshire flavour to their crisps.

Kate Tudge of Tudge's Rare Breeds Pork, another successful Herefordshire business, reports that it was a casual conversation her sister-in-law had with Mark and Sean at Ludlow Food Festival (back when festivals were still on the calendar) that has led to the introduction of a new flavour to the Two Farmers range, Hereford Sausage and Mustard flavour.

The commitment to using the real thing for their flavours is also demonstrated in their Cheese and Onion crisps, produced using Charles Martell's Hereford Hop cheese.

"When we asked Charles if we could use Hereford Hop as a flavour, we had no idea how to make cheese into a flavouring for crisps," say Sean and Mark.

They found that out at the flavour house, where they were advised that they could reduce their costs by increasing the quantity of cheaper cheese, but they were adamant that the crisps in their packets would be flavoured with what it said on the packet and nothing but."

The Tudge partnership fits well with the Two Farmers philosophy of being kind to the planet and managing the countryside in a sustainable way.

Hereford Sausage and Mustard joins the other uniquely Herefordian flavours in the range - Hereford Bull Shot, Hereford Hop Cheese and Onion, Lightly Salted (using the unique - and just over the border Droitwich salt) and Salt and Cider Vinegar, the latter created from ancient apple trees in Sean's orchards.