As a Hereford resident of 40 years, I have seen a lot of changes. The inept ability of our local council, some of which do not come from the county.

I’ve lived in Credenhill for 18 years and in Newtown Farm for 22 years.

Travelling Belmont road every day has become dangerous and annoying.

The only way things will change is to vote in younger, non-biased residents of the county as they know what needs to be done.

The lap dogs of the government aren’t thinking about the future of this amazing county. It’s money, money money.

How can we change the council? Sack them all and start fresh.

The lines would be a tram system for starters. The bypass in Rotherwas would be linked to the Abergavenny road. Simple changes can make a difference. The KISS method (keep it simple stupid).

It’s listening to the people of Hereford. It’s finding the simplest possible way to make things happen.

Why can’t our council hold their hands up, stand down and take responsibility for putting us back another 10 years behind other local counties.

Leominster has a bypass. Ledbury has a bypass why not Hereford. It’s a joke.

Things will not change until the council does. End of.

Paul Bulford