PUBLIC health officials say Herefordshire is doing really well in terms of coronavirus cases.

However, they warn that it is up to everyone to help stop the spread of Covid-19 and prevent the county from being put into the next tier of restrictions.

The latest figures show 90.6 positive cases per 100,000 over the last seven days and the county is faring better than most of its neighbouring local authorities.

Herefordshire is currently suffering tier 1 restrictions which include a ban on more than six people and pubs and restaurants have to close at 10pm.

Karen Wright, Herefordshire public health director, said there is a risk that the county could be placed in the next level of restrictions.

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“It’s actually people’s behaviour that spreads infection”, she said.

“The way we can avoid delaying or going up to future tiers is that each and everyone of us thinks about what we can do to stop the spread of infection.

“Overall, in Herefordshire we are doing really well. So, lets see how we can do even better and that’s how we as individuals stop taking infection back into our own homes.

“It’s how we prevent businesses from having to close and it’s how we prevent additional pressure going into the NHS and we keep our kids at school by taking responsibility as individuals.”

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Ms Wright said it was important that people keep wearing face coverings at indoor public places, keep at leas two metres away from others where possible and try not to mix indoors.

“The more we do those things the more each of us becomes effective in stopping the transmission of infection. It’s behaviours that will make the difference,” she said.

“The regulations are all about trying to get people to change their behaviour.”

“We had 60 people through in the first day of testing in Ross and overall in Herefordshire over the last seven days there’s 983 people have been tested at the mobile testing units.

“Our positivity is 3.4% of positives which means we are getting the right people to go to get tested.

“But I absolutely urge anyone who has any symptoms to go and get tested as there is capacity to go and get a test.

“There were 90.6 positive cases per 100,000 over the last seven days.

“We keep seeing an increase in cases. I’m not surprised in that but it’s good that we are behind our neighbouring authorities and the way we actually slow it down is what we do as households and individuals. That will make the difference.”