AN EASTERN river crossing is included among the options that will be considered for the future of transport in Hereford.

Herefordshire Council’s review into major road schemes for the city has come up with six different proposals, one of which includes the proposed western bypass.

Council leaders paused all work on the planned southern link road and western bypass after the elections last year.

And infrastructure and cabinet member John Harrington commissioned a review into the Hereford Transport Package and South Wye Transport Package.

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The Hereford Transport Strategy Review will be presented to the general scrutiny committee next month.

The report says the cabinet was keen to understand how the transport strategy review might inform alternative options to the southern link road and western bypass to address current and future demands.

The review has come up with six different transport packages for Hereford which will be scrutinised by councillors.

The first option would be to focus on active travel by improving the walking and cycling network around the city, make routes to school safer and encourage shared vehicle use.

The second option would be to combine the focus on walking and cycling with an investment in buses. This could include an electric hopper bus service, prioritising buses and improving school transport.

The third proposal is to combine improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure with better buses and intelligent transport systems and demand management.

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The fourth option would be to build a western bypass which would include the southern link road and also encourage active travel and implement demand management measures to control traffic.

The fifth possible scheme would see the construction of an eastern link road connecting Rotherwas with the Ledbury Road. This would also include active travel measures and demand management.

And the sixth option includes an eastern river crossing which would connect Rotherwas with Hampton Park Road. This scheme would also include active travel and demand management measures.

The general scrutiny committee scheduled for November 9 will consider these proposals and their views will be presented to cabinet in December who will decide the way forward.