We witness more confusion and lack of clarity from our Government in the ongoing Covid-crisis.

Liverpool 590, Knowsley 595, (infections per 100,000 at the time of writing) are Tier 3 but Nottingham 780 (the highest) hardly gets a mention and is in Tier 2.

Manchester 388 (and falling) is under huge pressure to enter tier 3 whilst Lancashire at 301 opted for Tier 3.

Meanwhile Leicester, under extra restrictions for weeks with little chance of leaving, has been put in Tier 2 despite a fall in infections (though still 178).

The tier strategy was announced shortly before the release of minutes from late September which revealed that SAGE recommended a short ‘circuit break’ based around school half term.

I don’t pretend that I know answers that the experts don’t but I do know that we are witnessing another moment in the mishandling of the Covid pandemic.

I am not sure that the Welsh or Scottish Governments are getting things right either but their leaderships show a consistency, clarity and honesty with their populations that is lacking from the British government in general and Boris Johnson in particular.

Johnson has a long track record of exaggeration and a casual relationship with the truth and both have been on ample display over the last seven months (and don’t get me started on the ‘oven ready’ Brexit deal).

Thank goodness that we are fortunate enough to live in an area with a low infection rate.

Anna Coda