I CONGRATULATE Herefordshire Council for strengthening the case supporting urgent construction of the Hereford bypass.

By closing streets and the Old Bridge in Hereford we have the worst traffic congestion and associated emissions in living memory.

How will they answer residents living in the vicinity of Victoria St, Edgar St, Belmont Rd, Ross Rd, Barton Rd, Breinton Rd, Whitecross Rd and Aylestone Hill, whose health and environment is at risk?

Their answer is building more homes within and outside city boundaries, and increasing traffic.

No more reviews, the council have wasted 30 years and spent large sums of public money, just get on with it or suffer the consequences in the future.

The greenies have conducted surveys which indicate only seven per cent of traffic is through traffic.

Nonsense because they are not counting traffic from surrounding areas which need to pass through the city to get to various industrial and business parks around the city and returning to base.

Properly planned link roads from the bypass will solve these issues.

Where are the councillors of old who would publicly stand up for the citizens of Hereford?

They would break out of the asylum and support the majority of citizens living in this city.

Garry Cullen

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