A MEMBER of staff and a pupil at Ashfield Park Primary School in Ross-on-Wye have tested positive for coronavirus.

Headteacher Steven Kendrick said in a public statement that the staff member works in reception class.

The pupil is in year 6 and it's not thought the case are linked.

He has now told other children in the two years groups not to come into school tomorrow, the last day before the half-term break.

"We have been advised by Public Health England and Herefordshire public health that there has been two confirmed isolated cases of Covid-19 within the school.

"One case was for a staff member in Reception and the other for a Year 6 child. Neither child or staff member has had any close contact.

"I have therefore taken the decision following liaison with Public Health England and the Local authority outbreak team to close both year 6 and reception bubbles."

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Mr Kendrick added he considered closing the entire school for a day.

"I have given serious consideration to closing the whole school one day early given how close we are to the half term holidays (tomorrow was our last day) but have been advised to follow protocols set by the Local Authority," he said.

"Therefore the school will remain open.

"I do understand however that some of you may consider not bringing siblings to school tomorrow but I would please ask you to follow school protocol on absence and inform the admin team through email admin@ashfieldpark.hereford.sch.uk or telephone 01989 562738.

"We legally need this information otherwise It could flag up a potential safeguarding concern. In this instance I will not penalise any parents who take this choice as long as they inform us as stated above.

"We are continuing to monitor the situation and are working closely with Public Health England and Herefordshire public health."