HEREFORD is now ranked as the 22nd most progressive city in the UK, according to a recent report.

Bankrate UK analysed 50 cities across the country to determine which is the nation’s most progressive city.

The financial analysts assessed how progressive each UK city is, using data points relating to social and environmental issues.

They say the ‘progressiveness’ of a city is defined by its recognition of issues and how the city addresses them and enables positive change.

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The analysts looked at aspects such as how committed cities are to recycling, voter turnout, or ensuring gender diversity in local government.

Hereford has jumped 14 places from last year while Bath is now ranked at the top.

Mayor Kath Hey said she was thrilled to see Hereford’s latest ranking.

“I am incredibly proud to read that we are being recognised as a progressive city,” she said.

“At the city council we are working really hard to improve further on this fantastic achievement.

“One of the measures of this rating is the number of females elected in local government.

Hereford Times:

“We are very proud to have some very strong and forward-thinking female councillors in our ranks.

“As the parish council for the residents of Hereford City, we are working hard to make strides with sustainability and environmental issues.

“We are looking to set up an environmental and climate change emergency sub-committee that will look at how we can take small steps to make a big difference to our impact on our environment.

“This will include issues like recycling. Our incredibly successful independent food scene further strengthens the status of Hereford as being progressive place that is striving to be better still in the future.”

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Councillor Liz Harvey, one of Herefordshire Council’s cabinet members, said the coalition administration was really pleased with the news.

“The city’s improved position is due to an increasingly diversified food and drink sector, more people opting to buy electric vehicles and a significant rise in the number of women becoming councillors in 2019 – six out of the eight members of the cabinet are women,” she said.

Hereford Times: Herefordshire Council cabinet member Liz Harvey said her administration was pleased with newsHerefordshire Council cabinet member Liz Harvey said her administration was pleased with news

“These are all really positive changes which we hope are just the beginning of an accelerating trend.

“We still have work to do on our gender pay gap and we need to make further improvements in our recycling rates.

“We are planning to have a public consultation on the options for retendering our waste contract early in the New Year and encourage the public to give us their views on how, together, we can do even better.”