CHILDREN should not go out trick or treating this Halloween as it could spread coronavirus, public health officers have warned.

Herefordshire’s director for public health Karen Wright has also called on people to consider outdoor activities if they are planning to meet family over the half-term week.

She said the situation in Herefordshire is quite positive compared to that our neighouring counties.

But it is vital for people to follow the guidance to prevent the numbers rising.

“I’m concerned we’ve got half term coming up and a potential risk there of families mixing and children going to stay with their grandparents which could put them at risk,” she said.

“I’m urging families to think about what the can do. Enjoy the fresh air and get outdoors. Avoid where possible families mixing.

“But if you are mixing outdoors you can keep your distance. We are in a great place for people to be able to do that.

“People should not be tempted to do trick or treatin where you’ve got a lot of hands going into the same place. It can be a cause of transmission.

“Think of other things you can do but avoid putting people at risk and causing the number of cases in Herefordshire to escalate.”

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Ms Wright said it was important for people to remain vigilant and get tested if they notice symptoms.

She said Herefordshire is currently conducting about 340 tests per 100,000.

“If you have any of the symptoms isolate immediately and book a test.

“These symptoms include a loss of taste or smell, a raised temperature or a continuous cough.

“There isn’t any reason people in Herefordshire cannot get tested.”

“The more we can do to keep Herefordshire it’s better for our economy and everybody."