A TOY BANK has been launched to ensure children in Herefordshire will not go without a present this Christmas.

Inspired by the success of an appeal for toys for a family going without last year, the toy bank, which is the brainchild of Carole Meredith and Herefordshire Community Recycling and Reuse Group founder Andrew Wood, has received a huge amount of support and is now ready to open to help those in need.

“Nearly a year ago Carole Meredith asked if the group could help with an appeal for toys for a family who were going to go without at Christmas last year," Andrew said.

"It was extremely successful and Carole and I decided we would start a toy bank helping those families in need of some help in Herefordshire have presents for their children.

"It has been a difficult year launching it properly but the donations have kept coming in to the extent that we could have our own toyshop. During half term we are going to open it up to help those in need with Christmas presents for their children. We have loads of toys, games, dolls, and more.

"All anyone has to do to take advantage of this service is to get a referral from the children’s school, this is easily done by asking the schools to contact either Carole or me. Once we have that referral we will arrange to meet you so you can come and choose and take away what you want for this Christmas.”

To contact Andrew or Carole, click here to visit the Herefordshire Community Recycling and Reuse Group Facebook page.