SIZZLER in Hereford has been fined £1,000 for breaking coronavirus rules – it has been confirmed.

West Mercia Police fined the Union Street takeaway in the early hours of October 9 after it was found to still be serving customers at 1am.

However, they did not name the business at the time citing College of Policing guidance which suggests forces should not name individuals.

The information regarding the premises has since been confirmed by other local authorities.

Current coronavirus restrictions mean takeaways, along with all hospitality, leisure and entertainment businesses, have to close from 10pm to 5am, although they are still allowed to deliver.

Firms who do not comply can be fined up to £10,000 or closed, and people risk £200 penalties for not wearing a mask or breaching the rule of six.



However, despite the breach, Herefordshire Council said it will not be reviewing the premises’ licence as they consider the fine to be punishment enough.

“Herefordshire Council enforcement officers and West Mercia police officers carry out proactive joint patrols to ensure that the Covid regulations are complied with,” a spokesperson said.

“This includes ensuring premises such as takeaways, restaurants and pubs are closed at 10pm.

“If any premise is found to be open after 10 pm, officers will not hesitate to take appropriate enforcement action which includes the issuing of a fixed penalty notice of £1000 for the first offence rising to £10,000 for subsequent offences or the business may be subject to prosecution.”

Public health officials also said 11 fixed penalty notices were issued over the weekend to people for not adhering to coronavirus restrictions such as the rule of six.

Officers visited a total of 30 premises over the weekend, these include pubs and restaurants.