FIRST minister Mark Drakeford said he hopes a circuit breaker lockdown would mean no further restrictions would be needed in Wales until after Christmas.

Speaking in Cardiff on Friday, Mr Drakeford said a two-or three week lockdown was the option that was under most active consideration", but he did not offer any insight to what regulations would be part of such a lockdown.

Mr Drakeford said the circuit break lockdown would be a “short, sharp” lockdown, and would not be extended indefinitely, as the Caerphilly local restrictions have been.

The first minister said the measures would give the NHS “breathing space” ahead of the winter months, adding that he hoped that it would mean no more restrictions would be necessary before Christmas.

“A circuit breaker is not a magic wand of any sort.

"It doesn’t make coronavirus disappear,” he said.

“What it does is buy us time to be able to manage the difficulties we face over a longer period and over a better planned way.

“Our ambition is, if we do – and its still an if – decide on a circuit breaker, that will be sufficient to take us through to Christmas.

“I can’t offer a guarantee - the Sage paper doesn’t offer a guarantee – that it will not be necessary to take further measures later in the winter.

“I’m focused on the immediate situation, the immediate difficulties faced by our National Health Service by the continuing spread of the virus in all parts of Wales, and we have to act to deal with that now in this planned and pre-emptive way.

“Provided we all play our part, then that will give us the breathing space we need to be able to get through this together to Christmas without further disruptions of this sort.”