HEREFORDSHIRE is currently not likely to be in line for more stringent coronavirus measures after the government unveiled its new system for lockdown restrictions which is set to start on Wednesday.

The Prime Minister today confirmed there are now more people being treated for coronavirus in hospitals than during March, when the national lockdown was implemented, but said he did not want to put another lockdown in place.

Mr Johnson said: "The number of cases has quadrupled in the last three weeks and there are more people in hospital now than in March.

"There are those who believe we should go into a second national lockdown of indefinite length, but I do not believe that is the right course of action.

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"There are also those who say the patience of the public is expended, and that we should stand aside and let the virus run its course.

"I understand the emotions and frustrations of those who have been chafing under the restrictions, but if we were to take that step, not only would there be an intolerable death toll, we would put so much strain on the NHS that the doctors and nurses would not be able to treat patients for cancer, heart disease and other conditions."

Mr Johnson introduced the new three-tier system of medium, high, and very high risk, which local authorities will be placed in depending on their infection rates.

Herefordshire is currently classed as medium risk by NHS Test and Trace.

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Chancellor Rishi Sunak was also on the stage to talk about the jobs support scheme, which will be continued.