There were so many things wrong with Bill Wiggin’s article last week that it is hard to know where to start.

He says the Internal Market Bill will ensure goods continue to move tariff-free after December 31.

This depends on Boris getting agreement from the EU. So far it doesn’t look promising.

He says the bill allows the UK to break the treaty and international law: true, but something to be ashamed, not proud, about.

He says it ensures the EU cannot threaten the unity of the UK, or the commitments of the Good Friday Agreement by trying to split Northern Ireland away.

What astounding hypocrisy: it is the Brexiteers of the Conservative Party who are doing that. It was Boris who decided to have a border in the Irish Sea.

He says the Withdrawal Agreement requires the parties to act in good faith.

If you sign an agreement, sell it to the British public, get elected on it, then say you won’t observe it after all, is that good faith?

We should be ashamed of our present government. Bill may have swallowed all this nonsense, but please don’t feed it to us.

Alan Johnson

Where do you stand on the Tories' handling of the Internal Market Bill?