While there is much that the BBC needs to be called to account for with its grip on the captive broadcasting market, I must congratulate it for its sane and balanced presentation of some key Covid-19 facts on its Radio 4 programme, More or Less.

The apparent rise in the number of positive cases recently does not mean there are more people infected now than a few months ago, it simply shows what happens when you introduce mass testing and ratchet it up.

There has been no significant increase in the death rate as the result of all causes, including Covid-19, and there is also a distinction to be made between causes of death attributed primarily to it and deaths from other causes where Covid-19 symptoms are coincidentally present, which the general public are not being told about when the Government bombard it with blunt statistics.

If we all get infected most of us will not die prematurely, but if we go on savagely disrupting our way of life and smashing livelihoods at the present rate, a lot more of us will.

Now is the time for the Government to pull the plug and let people get on with their lives, before the economic and social decay becomes irreversible.

The parliamentary endorsement of the Government’s programme of restrictions over the next six months is a blatant abdication of its democratic responsibility to hold the Government to account.

Scientists, medical and clinical professionals, academics and economists have been allowed to scare the living daylights out of ministers and the population with their big data-based computer-modelled projections that distort reality.

The Government must start to counter-balance the ‘expert’ effect by matching their machine-processed prophesies with those of lay people who have had a much wider experience of life in the world.

Kalvin Haley

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