STUDENTS at another Herefordshire school are self-isolating after a second student tested positive for coronavirus.

In a letter sent home to parents, Wigmore Academy Trust executive headteacher Dr Rob Patterson said he was sorry to report that earlier today (October 7), staff were informed of a second positive case of coronavirus in a Wigmore School student.

Because of the time elapsed, the school believes the case is unrelated to a previous case on September 24, but said they wish to ensure that there is no further spread from this new case.

"We have contacted Public Health England and as a result of this communication the following additional steps will now be taken by the school," the letter said.

"All students that are in the same ‘bubble’ will be required to work from home, returning to school on October 16. This is for Year 10. We will provide a separate letter for Year 10 parents explaining the process of self-isolation. Work will be provided for all lessons through Microsoft Teams and your child should log onto this from home to access their normal timetable lessons for each day.

Also read:

"Face coverings for all students at the high school continue to be compulsory whilst on school transport unless there is a medical reason not to and that this pupil has a supporting note to this effect

"All High School students will be required to wear a face covering in all indoor areas of the school until Friday 16th October at the earliest, again with the exception of those with a medical exemption.

"All students should endeavour to stay at least 1 metre from each other if they are in the same bubble and ensure that they are at least 2 metres away from any member of staff or a student in another bubble

"Parents of students at the primary school may wish to consider their child wearing a face covering, but we do not believe there are any close contacts with primary children."

Dr Patterson said he was sure other schools will also be facing this challenge in the weeks ahead as cases rise and that he could not guarantee that the school will not have to face this matter again, but said he assured parents the school will act speedily and robustly in everything they do to help protect the community and families at home.