I am looking for members of the Chambers family, who may still live in the Hereford area

I have had some great help from the Birmingham history forum, who have given me a lot of information.

The family starts with Thomas Leonard Chambers who married Ellen Jane Jones in 1896.

They went on to have 10 children: Albert Charles Victor 1897-1956; Robert Francis 1899-1980: Beatrice Mary, born 1901; George Percival 1902-1943; Lilian Emily 1905 -1999; Hilda Annie 1909 -1961; Thomas Leonard 1910- 2000; Sydney William 1913 - 2002; Leslie Burrow 1914 - 1944 (killed in action with the Chindits in Burma); Cyril Edward 1918 -1918

My father was the illegitimate child of one of the sisters but I’m not sure which one. I think he had a sister called Monica.

He was born in 1926 and died in Hereford in 2007.

He has nine children to our mother, now passed away, and he also had another son (Christopher J) to a former wife Patricia Booth.

If anyone knows or knew the family or even knows where my father is buried or cremated I would be grateful.

I’m just trying to make sense of a mixed-up life.

My mother and father moved to the Isle of Man in 1962, which is where I come in because I was born in Small Heath in 1961 the last of four kids born in Brum, the rest born in the Isle of Man.

If anyone can help in finishing the jigsaw please contact me at jbcbm@outlook.com or on 07624 406330.

Johnny Chambers
Port Erin
Isle of Man