You report that the Church Commissioners are re-submitting their planning application with for the Three Elms site in Hereford with 'minor tweaks'.

I believe this site and these times present an opportunity for Herefordshire. I want us to wake up to our responsibilities for future generations.

I believe the people on whom we depend in times of emergency are in danger of being disregarded by this.

William Lever’s Port Sunlight was an estate built with vision and purpose: his ‘business model of prosperity sharing’.

That spirit and resolve is morally right, it was profitable for all and made the world cleaner and better.

We should learn too from Rotherwas and its various transformations.

Once it was a grand estate, prized by King James, sold by trustees to pay off debts in 1912, then World War I changed it from a rural scene to munitions factory, with just a few farms and iconic buildings left among the industries of today.

We forget those who have saved us.

Jesse Norman has thoughts of a national park, and he works to establish NMITE, whose inaugural event presented an inspirational, informed look at Herefordshire.

We need that vision, determination and detail now.

The Three Elms site could be an estate that future civic societies visit. How will this decision be judged?

Barbara Ferris