Perhaps the recent article on, and letter from, our MP should have taken note of mortality and the real world first and instead have read: “MP for North Herefordshire Bill Wiggin has questioned the relationship between the council and the Conservative Party.

“In a letter Mr Wiggin has criticised the connections between Herefordshire Council and the Tories.

"He says having connections between elected officials and Conservatives is at best ‘unwise’ and not in the best interest of Herefordshire following the party’s attempt to undermine the rule of law.

“Surely, such connections between elected officials and Conservative Party members are at best unwise, especially given the latter’s recent dishonesty about the ‘oven-ready’ deal and the attempt to break international law.”

Mr Wiggin concludes by saying: “Will the county council now ditch the Tory Party from their steering group and publicly condemn this law-breaking organisation or perhaps they support law-breaking?”

I doubt this double standard will even be acknowledged. Yet again, it appears that there’s one rule for them and one for us. We are being failed.

Stuart Moore
Sutton St Nicholas