Closing the Old Bridge, Hereford, was a bad idea, but creating a cycle lane through High Town would be a much worse one, even if all cyclists were always law-abiding and considerate.

As a child I was taught never to pass old people quickly from behind, because it scares them: how much more frightening a cyclist would be.

High Town is a pedestrian area, crossed on foot in all directions all day, by people of all ages and degrees of mobility.

The “buzz of commerce” from a pedestrian/vehicle mixture does not justify frightening the elderly.

Cyclists surely are fit enough to wheel a bike across High Town on foot.

From Broad Street via Cathedral Close they have a safe direct route to St Owen Street.

Providing this route has made push-chair access to many places in Broad Street difficult, and virtually impossible for most of the disabled wholly dependent on motor access.

Reduced access for people who used these businesses will not increase the “buzz”.

Resources were wasted reversing an unworkable scheme for cyclists in Commercial Road.

Digging up recently re-furbished Commercial Street for a cycle lane would be further waste.

Widemarsh Street is too narrow for a cycle lane amid those who already have the deceptively dangerous kerbs to contend with without pedestrians being threatened by cyclists from both directions.

Carola Morton