THE popular pub chain Wetherspoon never fails to serve up fairly cost-effective grub and a good range of drinks.

Wetherspoon, which has three pubs in Herefordshire, continues to be a popular choice for many.

On TripAdvisor, hundreds of people have been sharing their opinions on the highs and lows of their 'Spoons' visit.

A mix of reviews based on food, service, value and atmosphere make for some interesting reading from one of the UK's biggest pub chains.

Here are some of the best and worst Wetherspoons review for The Duke's Head in Corn Square, Leominster, which has an average of three-and-a-half stars out of five.

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For fairness we've included a mix of positive and negative reviews left within the last 12 months. Of the 369 left by customers in total, 129 are excellent, 103 very good, 64 average, 24 poor and 49 terrible.

Sticky tables and egg on the floor

Visiting at the end of September 2020, one patron wasn't impressed.

In a one star review they said: "The food was cold, the only member of staff that was very cheerful was the young man on the door.

"The tables were sticky as they hadn’t been cleaned, there was dirty cutlery on the floor next to my table with food still attached to it, there was half a fried egg on the floor and it looked like a piece of meat too.

"I was very disappointed as last week my son treated me to lunch and it was really good, now today (24/09/20) it was the opposite it was absolutely awful.

"I felt sorry for my teenage son, because he wanted to treat me to some food whilst we were out and he was disappointed to have wasted his money."

I could not believe the kitchen

Another customer was impressed with the management and how they were managing Covid secure guidelines, but the first steaks they were served were "unacceptable".

The three star review said: "Ordered two steaks (medium and medium) and after 30 minutes were presented with dried up, very well done steak.

"I could not believe how the kitchen thought that these could resemble what we requested.

"Had to return them as they were inedible. Requested a replacement and after another 15 minutes was given two acceptable steaks.

"On the plus side, the pub was very well managed with social distancing and they were trying hard to manage food waiting times. Staff were obliging and friendly."

Spot on as always

Another diner, a curry club fan, was also impressed with measures to keep customers and staff said.

Their five star review said: "Visited around 6.30pm delighted on the amount of effort that has gone into the pub to make our visit as safe as possible hand sanitisers all around the pub as well as screens separating tables staff all wearing face coverings again reassuring.

"Sat in a booth placed order on there app drinks swiftly arrived followed by our food.we had curry from the curry club as we have missed it spot on as always."

The shift leader stood there like a wet blanket

Saying the food was destroyed in the microwave, one customer who left a review in March 2020 said: "I ordered surf and turf and curry sauce, however the chips were cold and curry sauce so they took it back to only bring scampi out but that got cold while waiting for fresh chips to be put with steak and fresh curry sauce.

"But it was brought back out only to be warmed (destroyed) in the microwave, Kien brought it to the table and dropped the scalding curry sauce over my friends hand and she was screaming in pain, the shift leader standing there like a wet blanket and my friend was rushed to put hand under cold water,everyone covered in curry sauce.

"No replaced curry sauce, my dinner ruined and cold, and no sorry. Disgraceful and we go there two to three times a week."

A real treat for granddaughter

One happy grandparent left this four star review in January: "Last day of school holidays so took granddaughter to Wetherspoons (Duke's Head) for a pizza as a treat.

"We had two of the smaller size pizzas which were plenty for us. The toppings were tasty and appeared to be freshly prepared.

"My husband had scampi and chips and a portion of onion rings.We all had a drink and it came to less than £20. The staff were very pleasant and we didn’t have to wait too long.

"Only criticism tables were very sticky as though not wiped when cleared."

The food is cheap, but should be edible

Another customer from January was not as impressed, criticising that the food was "blitzed" in a microwave.

The one star review said: "Awful food, uncooked on first attempt, ‘replaced’ with original food completely dried out.

"It had so obviously just been blitzed in the microwave. I appreciate it is relatively cheap, but it should still be edible.

"Feel they may wish to employ someone who can actually distinguish between appropriately cooked food and the inedible.. cannot recommend in any way."

I thought the staff were very kind

A more recent review praised the staff for being welcoming and friendly.

The five star review, left in August, said: "I visited the dukes head Friday, July 31 at around 12.30pm and met with a friend for lunch.

"Ordered our food and drinks on the app our drinks quickly arrived served by a pleasant young man who then delivered our food shortly after.

"Food was lovely received a check back halfway threw which was good. As we were leaving the gentlemen thanked us for coming in and hoped he would see us soon which I thought was very kind.

"I think his name was Keaton or somewhere near that as I heard another member of staff address him."