COUNTY planners have given the go-ahead for a garage to store a private collection of cars despite concerns it will be a ‘blot on the landscape’.

Lee Pickering was granted permission last week to build the outbuilding and change the use of land to the rear of The Hay Meadow in Preston Wynne at a meeting last week.

The garage will be designed with a shallow dual pitched roof with a width of about 49 feet, a depth of about 36 ft and a height to the ridge of just over 13 feet.

And the building would have horizontal timber cladding on a red brick plinth and roofed with black insulated panels.

But councillors were scathing over the garage’s design.

“This building has absolutely no aesthetic value at all,” coun Sebastian Bowen said.

“It has very nicely built surroundings. All those houses are well designed.

“This is an absolute blot on the landscape and that surely must have some influence on our decision.

“It is a detriment to the bit of landscape it is in as well.

“It is very very large and I’m sure even a large building could be made to look much more attractive than this one is.”

Coun Paul Rone agreed it could be "nicer on the eye".

But he said the planning conditions were pretty tight and he would back the officers’ recommendation to approve it.

Coun Jeremy Milln said: “It’s a warehouse, a storage barn, in which he happens to want to place motor vehicles.

“Frankly, it would be much better on a trading estate.”

The plans were approved by nine votes to five.