HOW and when rubbish bins are collected in Herefordshire will be changing in the next few years as councillors consider more sustainable options.

Herefordshire Council’s current waste collection contract expires in 2023 and councillors are currently in the process of considering alternatives to the current system.

The council’s vision is to move towards a system which embraces the circular economy to maximise the life of products and materials.

One option they are considering would include the introduction of separate three weekly collections of paper and card waste, another for plastics, cans and glass and general waste with weekly food waste collections and fortnightly garden waste pickups.

The other option would be weekly separate recycling paper and card, glass, plastic, plastic and tin cans.

There would be a fortnightly general waste collection and garden waste would be disposed of fortnightly. This option also includes a weekly food waste collection.

Councillor Paul Symonds said the council will need to engage with the public to help them understand why they are making the changes.

“This is about behaviour change. So whatever we end up with at the end of this process once we get to the procurement and new contracts, will be a different services.”