As a postscript to your recent correspondent Gary Dipper’s letter querying the relentless snowflake attack on our democracy, you may be interested to know they have also fluttered from heaven on to the local Save Edgar Street football forum.

Like many such platforms there’s plenty of harmless banter to which the “staff” themselves have contributed over the years.

It seems now, though – in the light of a recent banning order served on myself – you can only make a contribution as long as it satisfies this current desperation to acquire “right-on” credentials.

Any dissension with the mass demonstrations of Black Lives Matter protesters during the pandemic, for example, is immediately frowned upon.

Tot up a couple more “offences” which might “rile people” and it’s definitely Goodnight Josephine.

A bit like the staff and players these days, it wouldn’t add so much insult to injury if these redoubtable protectors of the populace lived anywhere near the Edgar Street they are somehow saving.

Garth Lawson