I agree with many that closing the Old Bridge, Hereford, to traffic is utter madness and has achieved absolutely nothing except a juicy debate in the Letters pages.

Indeed, I would gladly see Commercial Street and Widemarsh Street and possibly Eign Gate de-pedestrianised.

The buzz of commerce you get with cars and pedestrians together is good for business, especially for small businesses.

Look at the empty shops down the end of Commercial Street. Like a ghost town.

But I also would like to see a cycle lane through High Town and it is crazy that one cannot cycle up St Owen Street.

I should add that I am a paid-up member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth and support the concerns of Extinction Rebellion.

Who wouldn’t if you watched David Attenborough’s latest documentary?

Humans are ruining the planet, but closing the Old Bridge was a bad idea.

Lyn Rushbrooke