Having seen that Bill Wiggin voted last week to break international law, I feel I must write to express my grave concern about this and the position the UK is now in.

Boris Johnson told us last year that he had struck a great deal with the EU and the general election was fought and won on delivering that promise.

Now, apparently, our Prime Minister is telling us that the deal he negotiated and signed up to was not fit for purpose.

Did he know this at the time but failed to tell anyone?

Or did he sign it in bad faith never intending to stick by the treaty, but instead use it as a form of brinkmanship at this late stage in negotiations?

Or did he just not understand the implications of what he was signing?

We have a government that is prepared to ruin our international reputation at a time when trust is vital to secure beneficial trade deals.

They are putting the blame on the EU, because they do not understand the equation – leaving the EU means forfeiting the benefits of membership. Simple!

Gisele and Ian Edgar