Hereford Times editor John Wilson explains why he uses email newsletters, and how they can help keep you up to date with the stories that most interest you

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes feel overwhelmed by the amount of news and information available online.

There is so much stuff around it is difficult to know where to turn to find what you need.

It is especially frustrating when you can only spare a certain amount of time in your busy day to read up about the things that matter to you.

One of the ways I get round this problem is by signing up to newsletters.

They are, put simply, email summaries of what appears on your favourite websites.

So I’m signed up to receive daily bulletins from the football team I follow (though sometimes I wonder if that’s a good idea!), bloggers I admire, articles about my trade (journalism), and, of course, general news from a variety of sources.

They arrive at various times during the day, and help keep me briefed… without the need to spend time visiting loads of websites and searching for the things that interest me.

Hereford Times: The volume of news and information available can be overwhelmingThe volume of news and information available can be overwhelming

The Hereford Times offers readers a range of newsletters too, and I would recommend them to anyone who wants to ensure they do not miss the biggest stories of the day in both Herefordshire and the wider UK.

There are morning, lunchtime and evening bulletins and twice daily sports briefings.

We compile a mix of stories that includes information about what’s going on, reports from the courts, and decisions by local councils that affect your life.

You can also sign up for a special newsletter that is fired off to you only when there is a major story breaking, which means you’ll be one of the first to know when details go on the Hereford Times website.

There’s also a newsletter devoted to coronavirus updates, which will bring you up to speed everything that’s been happening in the battle against Covid-19.

Finally, there’s the Editor’s Pick. It’s my selection of stories that I think are particularly interesting, and it includes my own commentary on the important (and no-so-important) issues of the day Monday to Friday.

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