Fly tipping is one of Herefordshire’s biggest plagues, and it is about to become even worse thanks to Herefordshire Council setting up an online booking procedure before anyone can take refuse or recycle items to local sites.

It would have been helpful during the Covid-19 lockdown with people stuck at home and using the time to clear the house and garden with a trip to the tip, resulting in half mile queues.

That’s behind us and there are no more queues.

I was at the Rotherwas site three weeks ago and was in and out in five minutes. I double-checked at the weekend and it was queue-free.

The new system would have been useful at the height of the pandemic but is not needed now.

Did the council consider the consequence of the huge increase in fly tipping as a result of their belated decision.

The Government changes its mind daily, so it would not harm the council to do so.

There is a sign at Rotherwas announcing the site will be closing from October to March at 4pm not 6pm, adding to more fly-tipping by those unaware turning up late and dumping their load in a country lane on the way home.

George Thomas