Keep it closed, says John Coulton. Has Mr Coulton spoken to business owners in Bridge Street? I doubt it.

Hardly any street parking – untrue, otherwise Herefordshire Council would not have put in parking meters for short term parking, so leaving spaces in car parks for longer stays.

Hazardous rat run over the Old Bridge? Rubbish! Motorists entering from St Martin's Street or St Nicholas Street to Bridge Street do so to do business or shop, therefore this is not a rat run.

Speedway? With traffic lights both ends of the bridge, this is not possible. Traffic is single file over the bridge due to lights making it safer for walkers and cyclists.

The safety and welfare of residents – this is a public road in an urban area, not someone’s backyard. May I point out that Herefordshire is a rural county and we need our cars to carry out our daily life. Running a vehicle is costly. We cannot walk or cycle, especially when we are older.

The protestors are trying to protect their livelihoods. I am sure many people support them.

“The people of Hereford commend the council for the closure of the Old Bridge”. This is an arrogant and untrue statement by John Coulton.

Commerce and transportation will always be linked, so get real, all you green lefties.

Rosalind Preece