A byway near Knighton has been repaired – after a 12-month closure due to damage caused by badgers.

The surface of the BOAT BD1047, a minor byway at Bleddfa, had been badly damaged, with several deep holes forming in the surface, making it dangerous for all users.

The road was closed on August 28, 2019 , but bad weather and licence restrictions mean it has only now been reopened.

The holes were found to have been caused by a badger sett found in the bank below the route. As the sett got closer to the surface, a number of parts of the road collapsed after vehicles had driver over the weaker points.

Working with local contractor Mervyn Price Limited, the council's countryside access and recreation Team carried out repairs to the surface, under licence from Welsh Government, whilst ensuring the safety of the badger sett below.

A large section of track has been reinforced with mesh, to prevent future collapses of the surface into the sett.

The repairs resulted in a good stone track which will restore a multi-user route between Bleddfa and Fishpools, avoiding a section of the busy A488.

Councillor Aled Davies, deputy leader and cabinet member for countryside services, said: "It was unfortunate that this closure had to take place, but it was essential to do so for safety reasons.

"I am delighted that the repairs have now been completed and that the Bleddfa byway is available for public use once again."