A HEREFORD woman has spoken out about the difficulties she said she had booking a face-to-face appointment for a blood test, which delayed her hospital procedure

Bobblestock resident Sandra Charles, who suffers from a chronic health condition, had been told she needed to have the test done by doctors at Hereford County Hospital prior to the endoscopy procedure, which is necessary to determine her future treatment options.

But, the 61-year-old said, when attempting to book the appointment at her GP surgery, Hereford Medical Group's Quay House on Westfaling Street in Hereford, she was told they were unable to offer her a face-to-face appointment.

"The endoscopy department had to actually phone the surgery because they wouldn’t give me a face-to-face if I called," Sandra said.

"The surgery phoned me after that, and I was due to have the bloods done at 10.50am on Monday. But when I arrived at the surgery, it was cordoned off.

"I rang the bell and was told to go to the side door and wait, which I did, but no one came. I have severe Crohns, and I eventually got desperate waiting and had to leave, but even when walking back to my car, no one came to the door.

"I now can’t have my procedure when I should have had it, and have to have another Covid test before the procedure, which I was getting stressed about."

Sandra, who was due to undergo the endoscopy procedure on Tuesday following a similar procedure in 2014, said the experience had really not helped her stress levels.

She has since had a blood test carried out at Hereford hospital and her procedure has been rescheduled for later this week.

A spokesperson for Hereford Medical Group said they were unable to comment on individual patient cases.

"Due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have had to alter the way we deliver our services to minimise risk of transmitting Covid-19 to our patients and staff. Infection prevention and control guidance is followed rigorously," the spokesperson said.

"We are offering video consultations, telephone consultations, drive through and walk through clinics along with face to face appointments for essential nursing duties and conditions that require a physical examination by a GP, whilst clinically prioritising care to those most in need of support.

"Between June 1 and August 31, Hereford Medical Group delivered 8,354 face to face appointments and 28,369 telephone consultations.

"Hereford Medical Group continue to follow the guidance and standard operating procedures for General Practice in the context of coronavirus published by the NHS."