A BUSINESS owner escaped a driving ban due to the knock-on impact it would have on his family and employees, a court heard.

The owner of a canal boat firm, Terence Philip Huckerby, racked up 12 points on his licence after being caught speeding four times over a two-year period.

With nine points already on his licence, when he was caught speeding the fourth time, on the road between Kidderminster and Wolverhampton at around 7.40pm on March 22, it took his toll to 12 penalty points – the amount for a licence to be revoked.

But appearing at Hereford Magistrates Court on Wednesday (September 9), defence solicitor Neil Davies said Huckerby, 72, was thinking of making some staff redundant and there was “no financial leeway to employ someone else or pay other staff” to do out-of-hours breakdowns.

Already experiencing financial hardship due to a previous business venture, Huckerby, of Tedstone Delamere near Bromyard, said his current business suffered from the coronavirus lockdown – which came a day after he was caught by the speed camera – and broke down in tears in court.

“I feel extremely regretful and embarrassed, and feel like I’ve let my wife down,” he said.

“Coronavirus was always going to be difficult [for the business] and I feel I’ve made it a lot worse.”

Huckerby pleaded ‘exceptional hardship’ due to the financial impact on his wife, 75, who runs a B&B from their home.

Magistrates accepted his plea and acknowledge staff would also be hit by redundancies and his grandchildren would suffer from less interaction with Huckerby.

Huckerby, who pleaded guilty, was fined £200 and told to pay £60 costs and £32 victim surcharge. He also received three points.