CABLE ties being left around gates and fence posts in a north Herefordshire village have led to police increasing patrols in the area.

Possibly linked to dog thefts, West Mercia Police said the cable ties in Shobdon had been reported to them around two weeks ago.

PC Dean Wall said: "I can confirm that we have received reports of cable ties suspiciously secured to gates and fencing in Shobdon.

"Leaving objects such as litter, or in this case cable ties, can be a tactic used by thieves or their scouts to target specific premises."


He added: "That being said, I cannot confirm if this is linked to crime, or specifically theft of animals.

"I would encourage residents to contact police with any concerns surrounding this type of suspicious behaviour. The local policing team for Shobdon are currently working with Hereford rural crime team in relation to this matter, patrols have been increased for Shobdon and the surrounding area."

Officers have previously warned pet owners in another Herefordshire village that markings found on walls and driveways could be related to dog thefts.

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West Mercia Police officers said they have been made aware of markings found by residents on their walls and driveways in Tarrington, near Ledbury.