FORMER BBC Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond's plans to build a new barn at his Herefordshire castle have not met any resistance from the parish council

Mr Hammond wants to build a new barn to keep his collection of cars, as well as tractors, at Bollitree Castle in Weston-under-Penyard, near Ross-on-Wye.

The sprawling country estate has been targeted by criminals who have stolen tractor parts, leaving the motoring journalist wanting to demolish a stable block in order to build a new one, as well as a storage barn.

Weston-under-Penyard Parish Council has reviewed the application with the neighbourhood development plan in mind, but has no objection to plans which could see secure parking area created for 10 to 11 cars and motorbikes at the six-bedroom castle reportedly bought for £2million.

Plans submitted to Herefordshire Council show Mr Hammond, who moved from the BBC to Amazon in 2016 to present The Grand Tour, show walls would be timber clad, and building would have profiled sheet roofing.

Considering the design appearance policy, as well as the technical design, the parish council said: "Materials, scale, and character are as previous buildings and typical for such buildings on farm estates.

"The locations are not readily visible from public highways, public right of way or existing properties. Existing trees and hedgerows are to be preserved."

"The application does not require new vehicular access to a public road. No additional traffic is intended.

Solar panels are proposed on the barn building. Surface water to be discharged to soakaway and one toilet unit to septic tank."

In a planning application to Herefordshire Council, the design and access statement said: "Currently the estate has no storage outside the domestic curtilage of the house other than the existing stables and a small lean to for hay and feed.

"As there is no storage provision for any farm or equestrian vehicles and their equipment, these are currently left outside, recently leading to the theft of tractor parts.

"The existing stable block of five stables, feed and tack room falls short of the accommodation now required by the owners established equestrian pursuit.

"It is not the size of the stables but where they are currently located, access to the paddocks is tenuous and doesn’t facilitate any autonomous access and egress to the paddocks which is essential to the owners horses."

Sometimes referred to as "Hamster" by fellow TV stars Jeremy Clarkson and James May, the 50-year-old has 20 acres of land and a swimming pool at Bollitree Castle.

The proposals also show there will be a number of other vehicles kept in the building, including two ride-on mowers, a Massey Ferguson 148 tractor and two Land Rovers.

"In addition to the agricultural and equestrian use of the estate the owner has a collection of cars and motorcycles which support his work as a motoring journalist.

"Currently these are housed ‘ad hoc’ in the listed Barns or in the open courtyard. Secure storage and parking for this collection of vehicles is fundamental to the owners needs.

"Removal of these vehicles from the listed buildings is also desired so that they can be used domestically."

The consultation for the plans closed on September 4. A decision is expected on September 22.