We live in a world of technology.

Barely a single part of our lives is not affected by it.

Even when we sleep, we can use technology to see how we are sleeping!

These different technologies are there foremost to improve and enrich our lives.

However, sometimes they are misused and can cause negative effects.

At this stage you must be wondering what I am going on about. Well, a particular technology I refer to here is comments boards.

More specifically, the comments boards on the Hereford Times website.

I recently moved to the area with my children and started using the Hereford Times website as an aide to familiarise myself with the town.

I found it very helpful and the stories interesting until I came across the comments section.

The way people were talking to each other was deeply upsetting.

I was disappointed because this is not the view I had of the people in Hereford.

The quote: “If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” comes to mind here.

Everyone, we are better than this. Times may be hard and perhaps there are elements of cabin fever going round due to the pandemic, but that is no need to behave in this way.

There is such a great resource here where you can read stories and comment with others and discuss the issues.

It might seem a simple thing but it allows great debate, discussion and most of all a connection to people at a time where people are separated from one another.

It would be such a shame if it wasn’t there anymore and I’m sure there must be many who agree with me. What will happen if these comments continue?

Please, as a new resident of Hereford, don’t continue to ruin my impression of the people, but most of all don’t ruin this great resource the staff at the Hereford Times have worked hard to put in place.

Nat Adams