It has been some time since I last bought a Hereford Times and so I was particularly interested in your new innovation: the Fairy Tale Page.

There our MP, Jesse in Wonderland, supported the idea of a Shires National Park.

Get real, Jesse! Who in their right mind would face the black vortex that sucks the life out of you as you sit in endless queues of traffic in and around Hereford; or chance the county’s narrow country lanes that are, in some cases, no better than a horse and cart track; or, if you have the stomach for it, sit in a queue at innumerable traffic lights that signal the road is being dug up once again.

Visit Hereford with young children in the back, pleading ‘are we there yet?’ as driver dad suffers a meltdown and sinks headlong into road rage.

For goodness sake Jesse, do something useful ie. sort the 30-year-old traffic mess out as no one else seems to have either the skills, capability or urgency to do it.

Ian Johnstone